Sports Betting Pitfalls that could save you £1000s

If you place bets online then you will no doubt be aware that it can be a minefield out there, not knowing where to play or not knowing if a certain sports book is a decent reputation and will pay you out if you hit a big win. By following these simple walls you can lower your risk when it comes to getting a big payday from the sports book. Many companies that are one a legally may refuse to out wipe a you when you hit that big score.

If you are based on a country regulated and legal gambling such as the UK then only register on sites which have a licence in your country. For example the gambling commission in the UK regulates every single betting company in the country. They tested sites make sure they are completely fair and payout all their customers when they win. If you live in a camp country without regulated gaming then try and find a betting site which is regulated in the UK, at least then you know it is at least regulated somewhere and must be a decent company.

When signing up for a new site it is best to use your credit card rather than debit card. This gives you payment protection in case the site doesn’t give you the service you pays will. By doing a chargeback on these or MasterCard credit cards you can get some of the money back which a casino legally stills from you. Bear in mind that if you do a chargeback a legally i.e. you file for chargeback when you have no case because you simply lost your money then this may be illegal and often count as financial fraud against the casino. Simply losing your money in a casino is not a good reason to do a chargeback and if you do not only will you get banned other casino you will be blacklisted on every other casino that is is thus associated with and casinos often share these databases of illegal chargeback in users.

Only play at sites which have reputable games such as Playtech or Micro gaming. These games are frequently tested to ensure they offer and that their return to player is being kept to. These games can also not be manipulated in any way unlike if I casino launched its own custom software then you do not know what the average payout percentages. If you use a reputable software vendor you already know what the return to player is and that it cannot be changed by the casino or anyone else.

Ways read the terms of every site you sign up to make a copy of it somewhere in case you needed in the future. Legitimate casinos don’t have row terms and conditions such as maximum payouts or maximum bets. Terms like this are introduced to avoid paying out customers of a hit a big win. For example some casinos running jackpot slots have implemented $1000 a month maximum payout limits other customers, so if you hit a big win it could take you years to get paid off if ever.