Tips to safe gambling!

When gambling online safety and your own protection should be a number one priority. This means ensuring that all your personal data is secure, your financial transactions are only visible to you and is a company you are sending them to and most importantly fax if you make withdrawals from a online casino they get processed quickly and efficiently back to your payment method.

In order to help expedite withdrawal processes many sites require that you fill out some verification forms in Europe this is known as KYC or know your customer. This basically means you will have to send a casino a copy of your passport as well as copy of a recent utility bill. Some casinos nowadays may also require you to take a picture of yourself holding the passport or utility bill to ensure that it is you. This may seem excessive to some people especially if you’re only questing the small ritual but from the casino pointedly it is imperative that they verify your identity to make sure you are a old enough and you say you were. This helps prevent money laundering as well as those under 18 gambling online.

You should ideally keep a copy of these documents on a encrypted USB pen drive ready to send when a casino prize. A lot of casinos in the UK will verify your identity using the electoral register and may not ask you please documents. If you are from outside the country then expects to have to send in these documents. Any legitimate casino processes documents within a day or two if they take longer than it means they are trying to delay your payment and you should be cautious when depositing further money at this casino.

When registering for a site ensure that they have a valid SSL or security certificate. Casinos which do not encrypt your data are to be avoided at all costs. Some casinos even send out your password unencrypted to your email. This is a massive red flag as it means they are storing your password unencrypted in their database. This means anyone with access the database can view your password and if Hackers steal the database then they have a list of usernames and usable passwords which can be used to hack similar websites. This is also why you should use a different password for every website you join. Use a password manager like roboform to keep track of all your passwords and logins.